In the last blog, we talked about how to visualize airport centrality score on web page. We set up TigerGraph database and data visualization in Streamlit. In this article, we will explore weighted shortest path between different airports. We are going to use the same database as last blog, and dive into ‘Streamlit Component’ which could render React page in it.

Why I built this project?

I intended to built an interactive map that let users select markers on the map and let Streamlit get the selected marker data. It seems like there is no directly built-in widget or function that could implement this. Luckily…


Centrality measures are an important tool to analyze the networks, not only social network, but also every network like electrical web or a national road network. All this analysis can be done using some simple topological measures that score nodes by their importance as a part of the big network.


TigerGraph is a new kind of graph database, a native parallel graph database purpose-built for loading massive amounts of data (terabytes) in hours and analyzing as many as 10 or more hops deep in to relationships in real-time. TigerGraph supports transaction as well as analytical workloads, is ACID compliant, scales…


This article is about getting started with Svelte.

Svelte is an exciting framework that offers a fresh new take on how to build Web application. Compared to other frontend frameworks such as React, Vue.js, or Angular, Svelte can compile a web application with a significantly smaller bundle size. Instead of using a virtual DOM which spends time on rendering components into an invisible tree before they commit changes to the real DOM, Svelte skips that middle step and goes straight for the update. That makes Svelte really fast.

Before getting started, let’s take a look at the Todo application.


TigerGraph supports users communicate with REST++ server, either by using one of the standard REST APIs included with the system, or by authoring and then employing a custom endpoint API. In this tutorial, we can learn how to set up the Postman environment and send query request to TigerGraph from Postman.

Prerequisite: Postman installed

Step 1: Initialize TigerGraph REST API ++ in postman

The TigerGraph REST API ++ website:

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